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What is is an online service conceived to purchase your pre-owned designer handbags outright, conveniently turning your bags into cash. Our service is more instantaneous compared to consignment as we pay upfront (2-3 business days after we receive your handbag). We do not take any commission and you receive 100% of the quoted price.

What is your process?

If you’re interested in selling your handbags, you can submit your bags to for a quote. To receive a quote, simply upload photos of your bags from your computer, phone, or tablet to our website or through the mobile application available for iPhone or Android. Our buying team will review your photos and will contact you with your quotes within 1-2 business days.

Once you agree with our quote, you can then send your handbag to us. We can provide you with a free NYC pickup, email you a pre-paid label, or send you a free shipping box (with the label and packing supplies included).

Once we receive your items, we require 2-3 business days for our quality and authentication process. Then we will be able to proceed with payment. For more details, please visit our How It Works page:

How can I trust your service?

At, we aim to achieve full transparency at every stage of your transaction. Once a quote is agreed upon, we will send you a detailed invoice showing you your guaranteed prices. All of our shipments and pick-ups are tracked and insured. Additionally, you can contact us via email or phone to receive updates on the current status of your order. You can also find us in the press! We were featured in Harper’s Bazaar, New York Magazine's The Cut, Bag Snob, The Fashion Times, Style Bistro, TechCrunch, WWD and others.

What designers do you purchase?

Please visit our Designers page to view all of the designer brands that we will accept: Please do not submit bags from any other brands as we will not be able to purchase.

Can I drop off my bags? Do you have a store?

Unfortunately we are an e-commerce company and do not have a storefront. Therefore we cannot accommodate visitors at this stage.

How should I take my photos?

You can upload up to 16 photos per bag. The best photos are taken in-focus and under natural lighting without flash. For the most accurate quote, we ask that you submit photos of the front, back, inside and bottom of the bag, with close-ups of any wear or damage. Also we require the serial code (when it has one). For Hermes bags please add a picture of the blind stamp. Please review our guidelines here before submitting

Do you purchase new bags?

Yes, we do purchase new bags!

Do you purchase wallets?

Occasionally we do! Please feel free to upload photos of them on Rebagg’s Sell Now page or through the app on your iPhone or Android.

Do you purchase clothing, shoes, jewelry, and brands not listed on your site?

Unfortunately, Rebagg can only purchase the brands listed on our Designers page. We are only purchasing bags at this time.

Do you purchase bags that are missing original accessories? Are the original accessories necessary?

It is not necessary to include the original accessories when selling to Rebagg, but when certain accessories are missing, it may affect the quote. For example, the original dust bag and box will not affect your quote, but a missing cross-body strap will.

Are there any particular circumstances that would cause Rebagg to refuse my handbag?

Yes, there are instances when we cannot accept a handbag. We will refuse an item due to the following:

  • Item is broken or extremely damaged - we only accept items in “like-new” condition.
  • It is a Chanel bag without a legible serial code.
  • It is an Hermes bag without a legible blind stamp.
  • We cannot confirm the authenticity of the bag.

Does Rebagg buy bags internationally?

No, Rebagg can only work with clients within the United States. If you are visiting the US or have a trusted family member or friend that can handle the transaction for you, please feel free to upload photos of your bag. Then we will be able to coordinate the transaction.


How long does it take to receive my quote?

It only takes 1-2 business days to receive guaranteed price quotes for your bags. Please note we do not operate on weekends and holidays.

Do I have to sell my bags if I don’t like my quote?

No, our quotes are non-binding for you. You are not obligated to sell if you are not satisfied with your quote.

Are quotes free?

Yes! All quotes are free.

Do quotes expire?

Our quotes have an expiration of two weeks. If you decide to return to Rebagg to sell your bags after your quotes have expired, please re-submit photos of your bags.

How do you quote?

When you submit photos for a quote, they are sent to our buying team who then performs extensive research on the particular model. They consider a variety of factors including brand, trend, material, the year of manufacture, seasonality, condition, and our current inventory. When you submit photos, please mention any wear or photograph it as it will affect the quote.

Why haven’t I received my quote yet?

If you have received our confirmation email saying we received your photos, please contact Rebagg Client Services via email at or by phone at 1-844-373-7723. If you have not received a confirmation email stating that we’ve received your photos, there may have been a submission error. Please re-submit your photos and double-check the spelling of your email address.


Where do you pick up?

We can schedule free pick-ups only in Manhattan below 125th Street. If you are outside of our pick-up range, we can email you a pre-paid label or send you a pre-paid shipping box to send your items to us.

How do pick-ups work?

We can perform pick-ups Monday to Friday with any four-hour window between the hours of 9AM – 7PM. Our courier can pick up from your home, office, or doorman.

What carrier do you use for your labels and boxes?

We use USPS Priority Mail, Fedex, and UPS. All of our shipments are tracked and insured.

What is the difference between a label and a box order?

For label orders, we will email you a pre-paid label that you can use with your own box.

For box orders, we will mail you an empty pre-paid shipping box with some packing supplies and a free shipping label.

How do I use Rebagg’s pre-paid label?

Pack your bags securely in your own box. Print out the label and invoice to sign to include inside the package. You can attach the label to any plain box.

For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof and confirm that the package has been scanned when dropping the package off at the post office. Rebagg will not be responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned.

How do I use Rebagg’s pre-paid box?

Inside your Rebagg shipping box will be some packing supplies, two copies of the invoice and a pre-paid return label to attach to the outside of the box. Pack your bags securely in our shipping box with the supplies that we provided. Please return one of the invoices signed and remove the old label before shipping the box.

For your assurance, please request a receipt as proof and confirm that the package has been scanned when dropping the package off at the post office. Rebagg will not be responsible for packages that do not appear as scanned.

Why haven’t you received my box yet?

Sometimes there can be a shipping delay. Please be patient and we will email you with a confirmation message as soon as we receive your package.

What happens if my package is lost?

All packages are tracked and insured. In any case, please contact Rebagg Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or email to have an agent assist you.


What happens when you receive my package?

Once we receive your package, we will email you a confirmation. We require 2-3 business days for our quality and authentication process that takes place in our warehouse.

How long does the process take?

We only require 2-3 business to complete reviewing your order. Then we will be able to proceed with payment.

How do you authenticate bags?

Our in-house experts and third party authenticators review all handbags. Please do not submit inauthentic as we will not be able to purchase them.

Does the quote ever change after you receive my bags?

Occasionally, if there is some wear on your bags that was not mentioned or photographed, your items may be subject to discount. If this is the case, we will ask for your approval before we proceed with the transaction. If you do not agree with the new quote, we will send the item back to you at no cost for you.

Other reasons for a change in quote can be due to the size of the handbag or its leather type.

  • For example, if we quoted your bag as a size large but it is actually a size small, your quote may change.
  • For example, if we quoted your bag as Togo leather but it is actually Clemence leather, your quote may change.

What if I want my bag back?

Once you have agreed with our quotes and we receive your items, we are unable to send your bags back to you. Please refer to our Terms & Services:


How long does it take to get paid?

After we receive your items, we only need 2-3 days to complete our quality and authentication process. Then we will be able to proceed with payment.

How do I receive payment?

We release payment via check in the mail or through ACH electronic transfer. ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers are similar to direct deposit and only take 1-2 business days to reflect in your account. We only need your electronic routing number and account number.

Can you pay via cash, wire transfer, or Paypal?

No, we only pay via check or ACH transfer.

Can you pay in advance?

No, we need to complete our quality and authentication process before releasing payment.

I haven’t received my payment.

Checks can take up to one business week to arrive. We send our checks with USPS First Class mail. ACH transfers take one business day to reflect in your account. If you have not received your payment after this time period, please contact Rebagg Client Services by phone at 1-844-373-7723 or email to speak with an agent.

Where do you store my payment information?

Your ACH details are saved in a secured payment system.

Return Assurance

What happens to bags that you don’t approve?

If your bag is not approved after our internal review, we will contact you to explain the reason. We will confirm your return address with you before we ship your item back.

To avoid the risk of your items being refused, please be transparent about the current condition of your handbag. Items are commonly refused because the bag is in a different condition than expected. By providing detailed photos and mentioning all signs of wear, this can be avoided.

Please note that there is a flat $10 fee for shipping back your refused item.

How do you ship back bags that are not approved?

Your refused item will be shipped back to you with UPS with signature tracking confirmation for your assurance. You may request for signature tracking to be removed, but cannot be held responsible for the package if it is not successfully delivered.

What is the fee for returning bags? Why is there a fee?

You will be charged a flat-rate shipping fee of $10 for returning your refused item to you. This is a standard charge to cover the costs of shipping the item back.


Where do you sell these handbags?

All of our handbags are sold on our partner website Happy Shopping!

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